The Channel Islands Co-operative Society

Helping Hands: Jersey Search & Rescue Dogs

The Channel Islands Co-operative Society Helping Hands fund gave funding to enable support for the K9 unit of Jersey Search and Rescue last year. These four-legged friends are being trained up to support Jersey's emergency services in searches for missing, vulnerable persons. Watch to find out what they do and how they were able to support them.

Callum has worked on a number of social media films for The Channel Islands Co-operative Society this year, including a series of high-quality short films highlighting our in-store campaigns. The short films were very well received, producing positive feedback from our target audience reflected in an increased engagement with our customers. Delivering professional quality within time and budget frames, we highly recommend Callum for any creative film work for guaranteed results.

- Julie Le Cornu, The Channel Islands Co-operative Society PR & Marketing Manager